Mayor and Town Council

From left to right: Tori Roemmich (Place 1), Tyler Loe (Place 2), Mayor Pro Tem Mike Duncan (Place 3), Mayor Russ Brewster, Jeff Brown (Place 5), and Gregg Kidd (Place 4).

Mayor Brewster and the Town Council

The Town of Pantego is not divided into districts. Therefore, the Mayor along with each member of the Town Council is elected at large (serving the entire community) by plurality* vote for staggered two-year terms. Elections are held annually in May with Places 1, 2, and 3 appearing on the ballot in even-numbered years; and the Mayor and Places 4 and 5 in odd-numbered years. Special elections are held as necessary to fill vacancies or for other propositions (often related to taxation or debt issuance).

Following the canvassing of the May election, the Council votes to appoint one of its members to serve for the coming year as the Mayor Pro Tem, who is granted the authority to preside over meetings in the absence of the elected Mayor. The Mayor and Council are responsible for appointing the following professional staff: City ManagerCity Secretary, City Attorney, and Municipal Judge. The Council also has sole authority regarding the creation, appointment, and continued service of all ad hoc (“for this” special purpose) and standing advisory boards and commissions.

The public is encouraged to attend the Council's regular meetings on the fourth Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in Town Hall (1614 S Bowen Road) and special sessions, which are scheduled as needed. Interested parties can subscribe to calendars and agendas, which will be posted no later than seventy-two (72) hours before the meeting both at Town Hall and online.

First Elected or Appointed Term
Mayor Mayor Russ Brewster 2010 (Council);
2021 (Mayor)
2023 – 2025
Place 1 Tori Roemmich 2022 2024 – 2026
Place 2 Tyler Loe 2022 2024 – 2026
Place 3 Mike Duncan 2020 2024 – 2026
Place 4 Gregg Kidd 2021 2023 – 2025
Place 5 Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Brown 2021 2023-2025

* "Plurality" simply means that the candidate receiving the most votes wins. In elections decided by a majority vote, a single candidate must receive more than half of all votes cast to be elected.

Roles and Responsibilities

Councilmembers are the Town’s legislators. Their primary duty is policymaking, which includes identifying the needs of residents, formulating programs to meet the changing requirements of the community, and measuring the effectiveness of municipal services. Unless restricted by state law, each councilmember is entitled to vote or abstain on every question decided at a Council meeting, and has full parliamentary privileges in meetings — including the right to speak and make motions when recognized by the Mayor and the right to introduce new Ordinances and amendments to existing ones. Though foremost in importance, lawmaking is just one of many functions Councilmembers perform. They also wear several other hats, which have been described as follows:

REGULATOR  |  The Council exercises regulatory powers over the conduct and property of its citizens. It has the power to declare certain conduct to be criminal, to require that certain businesses and activities be licensed, and to tell property owners how and for what purposes they may use their property.

FINANCIER  |  The Council may levy taxesassess fees and charges, and sell bonds in order to finance the many functions of municipal government. The Council also has to budget the expenditure of the city’s funds.

EMPLOYER  |  The Council is responsible for ensuring that all employees are adequately paid and provided with appropriate working conditions and benefits.

BUYER  |  The Council is one of the biggest purchasers in the community and must see to it that the Town gets the best value possible for dollars spent

Even this is not a complete description of the myriad challenges Councilmembers face. The overarching task is in providing leadership and direction for the Town, in deciding what needs to be done, and in helping plan what the community will be for future generations. 

In Pantego, each place serves at large, representing all residents. If you have an interest in requesting a meeting with, a call from, or attendance at an event by the MayorMayor Pro Tem, or a Councilmember, you can email them directly or coordinate through the City Secretary's Office via email or by calling 817-617-3706.

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