As the Budget Officer, the City Manager, in coordination with the Finance Department and with support and input from all Directors and Chiefs, prepares a proposed annual budget for the Council's consideration. Following any amendments found necessary by the Council, the budget is adopted (along with a supporting property tax rate) and becomes the financial plan for the Town's coming fiscal year (October 1 through September 30). 

The budget document includes, among other details, proposed spending and projected revenue in broad categories by department or fund. The Finance Department oversees the implementation of the budget, as adopted by the Council, and monitors compliance throughout the fiscal year. The public is invited to review the previous, current, and proposed budgets below or in person at the City Secretary's Office in Town Hall (1614 S Bowen Road).

Budget Development
The Town of Pantego uses program-based budgeting, meaning that the budget document and financial tracking (including both expenditures and revenue) are arranged by department or unit to provide a clearer picture of the true cost of providing each service or program to the community.

The budget process begins with each budgeting unit or department being assigned a "baseline" funding level equal to the previous fiscal year's allocation. Any funding request that represents new or expanded expenditures or programs or that otherwise exceeds baseline is submitted as a separate request — sometimes referred to as "packages", "enhancements", or "supplemental requests".

These supplemental requests may be new, expanded, or restored programs, services, or equipment; and the adopted budget may include some, none, or all of them. It is, ultimately, a primary responsibility of the Town Council to weigh all requests and decide what level of funding is appropriate and sustainable, what the changing needs of the community are, and what should be prioritized in the coming fiscal year.

Budgets and Related Documents

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