City Manager Joe Ashton

Many Councils find it advantageous to delegate administrative powers and responsibilities to a City Manager who oversees the Town’s operations and reports to the Council on behalf of the various departments. This skillful administrator is tasked with fostering and leading an efficient management team to serve the citizens of the Town in a professional and proactive manner. All actions approved by the Council are carried out through administrative action by the City Manager, and any questions the Council may have concerning the enforcement of ordinances or performance of Town programs are directed to this role. Centralizing authority and accountability in one appointed employee relieves the Council from attending to routine or minor details and, thus, allows them to focus on the important task of policymaking.

The Town of Pantego operates under this form of government — called "Council-Manager" — whereby the Town Council is responsible for establishing policies and service levels and the City Manager is responsible for operationalizing the Council's directives via overseeing the daily operations of the City. The City Manager serves as the chief executive, supported by a team of departmental directors. This office proposes policy for Council consideration and carries out actions and directives of the Council by coordinating daily business activities, ensuring the enforcement of ordinances and regulations, and managing personnel. The City Manager is also responsible for the preparation and administration of the annual operating budget.

Powers and Duties of the City Manager

  • Ensures enforcement of all laws and ordinances
  • Proper administration of all Town affairs
  • Appoints and removes all heads of departments and all subordinate officers and employees except the City Secretary, City Attorney, and Municipal Judge — which are appointed by the Council
  • Exercises control over all administrative departments and subdivisions
  • Ensures that all actions taken by professional staff comply with state and federal laws and regulations
  • Attends all meetings of the Council
  • Advises the Council as to the financial condition and future needs
  • Acts as budget officer by preparing and proposing an annual operating budget and the supporting tax rate for Council consideration, including recommended capital programming
  • Prepares and submits an independent auditor's report regarding the finances and administrative activities of the Town at the close of each fiscal year
  • Ensure that the Town operates within the adopted budget

"While most of us are living our lives, it is my job to run the community where we live our lives, so we can all have a place we're proud to call home." 
— JOE ASHTON, City Manager for the Town of Pantego

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