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Financial Transparency

Transparency in government finance includes allowing taxpayers to see exactly where their money is going, which helps to ensure that those dollars are spent efficiently by elected officials and staff. Transparency means that citizens can review and question policymakers' decisions, examine documents, and see how tax dollars are spent. The Town of Pantego embraces the philosophy of financial transparency by publishing annual operating budgets, monthly financial reports and payables (below), and annual independent audit reports. If there is any information you cannot find, you are invited to make a request for public information.

Town of Pantego, Texas Energy Usage for Calendar Year 2023
The following energy usage information is posted in compliance with the requirements of HB 3693 (80th Leg.):

  • The Town of Pantego, Texas purchases natural gas from Atmos Energy. In Calendar Year 2023, The Town of Pantego, Texas purchased a total of 166.1 thousand cubic feet (MCF) of natural gas.
  • The Town of Pantego, Texas purchases electricity from GEXA Energy. In calendar year 2023, The Town of Pantego, Texas purchased a total of 1,580,594 kilowatt hours.
  • The Town of Pantego, Texas purchases water from its own Well Source. In calendar year 2023 The Town of Pantego, Texas purchased a total of 2,868,208 gallons of water.

 The total cost of natural gas, electricity, and water purchased by The Town of Pantego, Texas in the calendar year 2023 is $195,789.00.

Monthly Reporting and Unclaimed Property

The Town of Pantego, Texas is currently holding property that is presumed abandoned or unclaimed subject to Chapter 76 of the Texas Property Code. Any person possessing a legal or beneficial interest in the reported property may obtain a claim form below. A completed claim form in addition to the specified proof of ownership will be necessary to establish the owner’s right to receive the property. No telephone inquiries, please.

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