Councilmember Jeff Brown, Place 5

jeff brown
Town Council, Place 5
Jeff Brown was originally elected as Council Member Place 5 in May 2021, and served as Mayor Pro Tem (2022-2023).

Jeff Brown was elected in May 2021 as Council Member Place 5. He and Stacey, his wife of 27 years, have lived in Pantego for 15 years where they raised their 2 children, Hanna and Sam. His love for the community, along with the amazing opportunities that are ahead for the Town, are just a few reasons that he chooses to serve. Jeff looks forward to working with staff, the Mayor, and other Councilmembers to enhance citizens’ and business owners’  lives, outlook, and prosperity in the "finest Town in America"! Jeff is a Financial Advisor for Coble Cravens Financial Services and holds many professional designations in his field.

In Pantego, each place serves at large, representing all residents. If you have an interest in requesting a meeting with, a call from, or attendance at an event by the MayorMayor Pro Tem, or a Councilmember, you can email them directly or coordinate through the City Secretary's Office via email or by calling 817-617-3706.

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