Advisory Boards and Commissions

Town Council is dedicated to creating well-rounded, experienced, and professional boards and commissions. Each person’s motivation to serve may be unique but all members seek to better their community through giving of their time, talents, and expertise. Ad hoc committees may be created by the Council, as needed, for projects such as rate studies or special events. The Council currently maintains the following standing Advisory Boards and Commissions.

No matter where you are in life, these boards are a great way to be involved, get to know your neighbors better, and help to shape the future of Pantego. You can submit your completed application (PDF) at Town Hall (1614 S Bowen Road) or by emailing the City Secretary. Though appointments to the various Advisory Boards and Commissions are typically made by Town Council in the spring, you are invited to apply at any time and staff will maintain your application until Council's next review and consideration.