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Advisory Boards and Commissions Application

Town Council is responsible for making appointments to several boards and commissions, which are advisory to the Council as well as staff. If you would like to be considered for service on one of these advisory bodies, please complete the form below or submit this completed application along with any additional information (e.g., a resume) that you feel would assist the Council in their review. If you are a new applicant, the Council may wish to conduct an interview prior to consideration of appointment.

Who is eligible? Those who reside within the Town of Pantego and currently hold no publicly elected office are eligible to serve. Non-residents who have active involvement, close ties, or another unique understanding of the community may be considered for service on the PEDC or the CRB (but are not eligible for P&Z or ZBA). 

Town Council typically makes two-year appointments to advisory boards and commissions in June. Odd-numbered places expire in odd years and even-numbered in even years. If you are interested in serving, submit your application in one of the following ways:

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