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Sewer Stoppage Policy

Sewer stoppages on private property are the responsibility of the property owner or property tenant. State law prohibits the Town of Pantego from expending public funding for repairs on private property. 

The Town of Pantego is responsible for maintaining the sewer mains located in public right-of-way and public utility easements. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of all service lines which extend from the Town mains to the residence or business. 

Who should I call if my sinks don’t drain or my toilets are overflowing? 

Most common household plumbing stoppages are caused by grease or foreign objects clogging the service line from the house to the Town sewer main. Call your plumber. There are several pages of plumbers listed in the yellow pages of your phone book or online. Consumer tips for selecting a plumber are available from the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. 

Is there anything that I can do before I call a plumber? 

Yes. Become familiar with where the sewer service line cleanouts are on your property. Some service cleanouts may have been covered with landscaping or with dirt when the lawn was installed. Look for these various types of devices near your home.

Depending on the age of your home, you may have a property line cleanout. This is an access point that is installed at the property line. With a property line, you or your plumber can tell more about the location of the sewer service line stoppage.

What do I do if I see sewage in the street? 

If you see what appears to be sewage in the street or if any of your neighbors also have sewer stoppages at the same time, immediately call the Town’s 24-hour emergency number 817-274-2511.  This is an indication there may be a stoppage in the Town’s main - a condition which requires an immediate response by Public Works.

My plumber said I have tree roots in my service line. Isn’t the Town responsible for removing tree roots?

The property owner is responsible for all obstructions which might occur in the service line. Your plumber should be equipped to remove and prevent the return of tree roots in your service line.

My plumber said that my service line is broken where it connects to the Town’s sewer main but the Town will not let him dig it up to fix it. 

Plumbers are not permitted to excavate sewer services in the public right-of-way. There are several utilities (franchise utilities) in a small area which must be protected. These include telephone, gas, electric, water and Cable television service. Only the Town Public Works or a utility contractor under contractual services may repair sewer services in the right-of-way. Please contact Public Works at 817-617-3700 and request a sewer service call. Public Works staff will verify that the service line requires repair within the right-of-way and will schedule the repair.

My plumber said the problem is on the Town side.  What do I need to do to get you to fix the problem?

The phrase, "it is on the Town/City side" has many meanings.  So, the first step is to clarify the meaning with your plumber.

  • If there is a blockage or offset in the line beyond the Town's right-of-way, the plumber still needs to unblock the line.  Town policy defines the lateral service line beginning at the house and ending past the tie in to the town main as the property and responsibility of the homeowner.  There is no such thing as a "Town side" on a lateral service line.
  • If there is a structural defect on the sewer lateral line somewhere in the right-of-way, then the responsibility of excavating and repairing the sewer line falls under the Public Works Department. This does not change the fact that the lateral line is owned by the resident.  Before the town will excavate and repair a structural defect in the right-of-way, the resident must provide a video tape of the sewer lateral line (provided to you by your plumber) that shows the defect needing repair.  After the Wastewater Supervisor reviews the recording, he will contact the resident to discuss the findings.  If the recording does indeed show a structural defect that needs repair, Public Works will repair the line (within the right-of-way) at no cost to the resident.

I’m not happy with the work of my plumber. What should I do? 

Plumbers are licensed by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. More information is available at Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. 

What is a property line cleanout? 

A property line cleanout is a 4" round stack with a 4" sweep that is installed in the ground. It has a plastic or steel removable lid that is at ground level. The property line cleanout is made of a strong plastic pipe and it is usually installed at the edge of the easement just behind the sidewalk, roughly 9 to 11 feet from the curb. The property line cleanout is connected to the sanitary sewer service that leads from the house to the sanitary sewer main. A property line cleanout can be very convenient for you or your plumber to access the sewer service line for clearing stoppages. It is also helpful when it is necessary to send a TV camera through the sewer service line for assessing the conditions of the pipe.  Without the property line cleanout, you or your plumber can only access your sanitary sewer service from the cleanouts at your house.

I don’t have a property line cleanout. How can I have one installed? 

Contact your plumber. He will need a permit from the Town of Pantego Building Inspections and Permits before starting any work to install a property line cleanout.  Consumer tips for selecting a plumber are available from the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners.

I have raw sewage in my house. Who is going to clean this up? 

Your costs for cleaning may be covered under your homeowners insurance policy. Companies that specialize in cleaning and restoration can be found in the yellow pages under "Fire and Water Damage Restoration." You may also call the Town’s 24-Hour Emergency number 817-274-2511 if sewage is believed to be from the sewer mainline. A Public Works Supervisor will respond and evaluate the conditions to determine if further actions are required.