Animal Control

The Public Works Department enforces the Town's ordinances regarding unrestrained animals, vicious animals and nuisance animals.  Unrestrained animals are ones that are not inside a fenced yard or cage or at the end of a leash or chain.  Animals impounded are held for three (3) days at the City of Ft. Worth Animal Care and Control center at 4900 Martin Street.  Their contact phone number is (817) 392-3737.  After three days, the animal becomes the property of the City of Ft. Worth.  The Town has a few live traps for loan for the capture of wild and nuisance animals.  It is the responsibility of the borrower to bait, set trap, and notify Animal Control of a captured animal.

If your animal is missing, please call 817-617-3700 and also contact the Arlington Animal Shelter at 817-459-5898.

The Town requires all animals to be licensed.  In order to do so, a copy of the current rabies inoculations is required.

To register your pet with the Town, please fill out the registration application below (see link) and present to a Town Hall representative.  The fee for registering your pet is $10.00 if they are spayed or neutered.  Otherwise, the fee is $15.00.  Our Animal Control has a chip reader so, if your pet has been chipped please note that number on your application.

If your animal has been picked up by our Animal Control, the impounding fees + $50 admin fee (during a consecutive twelve month period) are as follows:

1st Offense: $50.00 for 1st day, $20.00 per day thereafter.
2nd Offense: $75.00 for 1st day, $20.00 per day thereafter.
3rd Offense and beyond (during calendar year):  $100.00 for 1st day, $20.00 per day thereafter.