Certificates of Occupancy (CO)

All permit applications, contractor registrations, certificates of occupancy, and related fees are processed via MyGov. Payments and applications cannot be accepted in person. If you have questions, call 817-617-3700 or email staff.

Certificate of Occupancy (CO)
A certificate of occupancy (CO) is required to occupy any building or leased space within the Town of Pantego for non-residential reasons. A new certificate is required when opening a new business, upon change of business name or ownership, or upon relocation or expansion of an existing business. The CO application process typically takes about two weeks but is affected by many factors. If you do not provide a complete and correct application, it will delay the process. After the space passes the final fire inspection, a physical CO will be provided. Please be aware that if the space, building, or a portion thereof is undergoing a change of use (e.g., from restaurant to retail or vice versa), it will be required to comply with the current fire and building codes

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