Racial Profiling

Annual Racial Profiling Reports

In 2001 the Texas Legislature, with the intent of addressing the issue of racial profiling in policing, enacted the Texas Racial Profiling Law. Each calendar year, the Pantego Police Department — in accordance with the law — collects and reports traffic-related contact data for the purpose of identifying and addressing (if necessary) areas of concern regarding racial profiling practices. In the 2009 Texas legislative session, the Racial Profiling Law was modified and additional requirements were implemented. In 2017, the Sandra Bland Act was enacted (along with HB 3051, which introduced new racial and ethnic designations). The Sandra Bland Act requires that law enforcement agencies in the state collect additional data and provide a more detailed analysis. 

Each year, these reports are submitted by the Police Chief to the governing body (Town Council) as well as the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and are archived here for public access.

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