Doing Business with the Town of Pantego

Our organization is committed to maintaining public confidence by ensuring that qualified bidders are allowed a fair opportunity to earn the Town's business, thus protecting public funds by receiving the best value for each dollar expended. The Town of Pantego uses a decentralized purchasing system whereby each individual department is responsible for purchasing necessary materials and supplies. 

Vendors interested in participating in procurement activities are encouraged to sign up to receive notifications of bids, quotes, addendums, and bid awards when appropriate. In addition to appearing on our website, notices for formal sealed bids are also published in the Commercial Recorder, the Town's newspaper of record.
Conflicts of Interest
Vendors or persons considering engaging in business transactions with a local government entity are required to disclose information regarding certain affiliations or business relationships with government officials that could constitute a conflict of interest via submission of a CIQ - Conflict of Interest Questionnaire.
Invoices and Payments
The Town of Pantego complies with the Prompt Payment Act, which ensures that companies transacting business with government agencies are paid in a timely manner. With certain exceptions, the act requires that the government agency make payment within thirty (30) days of the submission of a properly prepared invoice by a vendor. Per IRS requirements, all vendors must file a Form W-9 with the Town. The Town typically issues payments to vendors on a bi-weekly basis. Within purchasing limits, departments may use Town issued purchasing cards for vendor payments.
Sales and Use Taxes
Municipalities and other government organizations are exempt from federal excise and transportation taxes and Texas State or local sales and use taxes. If a vendor includes any such taxes on price quotes or invoices, the amount of the taxes will be deducted from the total of the price quote or invoice. Appropriate paperwork can be obtained by contacting the Accounts Payable Department at 817-617-3700.

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