Speeding and Other Fines

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Emergencies: Dial 911
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(Received on or after January 1, 2020)




Speeding (1–15 over)
Speeding (16– 21 over)
Speeding (22 23 over)
Speeding (24 over)
Speeding (25 + over)
Not Available
Speeding School Zone (1– 15 over)
Speeding School Zone (16–19 over)
Speeding School Zone (20+ over)
Not Available
No Seat Belt (Driver)
No Valid Driver's License
Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign
Failure to Stop at a Red Traffic Light

If you do not see your violation above or need information about a citation issued before January 1, 2020, contact our office. Please note that the court will not have access to information regarding your fine(s) or options until three (3) business days after the citation was issued.

Potential Traffic Offense Options

Once a citation is received you will have thirty (30) days (please see the appearance date listed at the bottom of your citation) in which to enter an appearance with the Court and answer the charges filed against you. A phone call does not constitute an appearance. Please note that there are different requirements for juvenile defendants.  

When you receive a traffic citation, you often have several options for responding, some of which are listed below. Be advised, however, that not all of the below options will be available to all defendants. Further, there may be certain options in your specific case or circumstance that are not, in fact, included below. The Court cannot offer legal advice nor can we assist you in determining the best option for responding to your citation(s).