Juvenile Defendants

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Juvenile Defendants

All juvenile defendants (anyone who was under the age of seventeen (17) at the time of their citation) must appear, along with their parent or legal guardian, before the Municipal Judge at a Juvenile Plea Hearing which is held during open court. This is true even if the defendant plans to be represented by an attorney. Please call or visit our office to schedule this hearing. Notices to appear at the Juvenile Plea Hearing will then be mailed to the defendant and will contain the date, time, and location of the hearing.

During the Juvenile Plea Hearing, the defendant will have an opportunity to enter a plea. If a plea of "not guilty" is entered, another court date will be scheduled at that time. If eligible, defendants who enter a plea of "no contest" or "guilty" may be eligible for certain programs, the successful completion of which will result in the dismissal of the citation. 

Each option is restricted to specific types of offenses. Defendants who have received multiple violations in the past or who have criminal histories involving assault or gang-related offenses may not qualify for some programs. Defendants who are eligible to participate in any deferred adjudication program are encouraged to pay for required court costs and fees at the Plea Hearing.