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When a person is arrested for outstanding Class C misdemeanor warrants, he or she may be able to post a surety or appearance bond to secure the release from jail while awaiting trial on the case. If the defendant has outstanding capias warrants, only cash payments will be accepted.


To obtain an appearance bond, you should contact a bail bondsman or other surety who has the proper authority to post a bond with the Court. The bondsman or surety will collect a fee for this service. The fee is a percentage of the total bail required for each citation. The bondsman’s fee is generally non-refundable and is not paid to the Court for the citation(s). Therefore, the defendant remains responsible for all fines, fees, costs, etc. for the outstanding citation(s). After being released from jail, notice of the posted appearance bond is forwarded to the Pantego Municipal Court. You will need to appear on the date listed on your bond or make payment arrangements prior to this court date. Failure to appear on your court date or failure to make payment arrangements prior to your court date could result in additional warrants being issued for your arrest.


Upon being arrested for outstanding Class C misdemeanor warrants, a defendant always has the ability to post a cash bond in the full amount of the fines due to secure his or her release from jail. The cash bond is generally collected at the jail where the defendant is incarcerated. The amount owed for outstanding Pantego warrants is forwarded from that jail to the Pantego Municipal Court. You will need to appear in court on the date and time listed on your cash escrow deposit receipt. If no date is listed on the bond, you MUST contact the clerk’s office upon your release to obtain a court date. If the defendant who posts a cash bond fails to appear, the bond may be forfeited and additional warrants may be issued for your arrest.