Development Review Committee (DRC)

Pre-Application Meeting
The Development Review Committee (DRC) reviews all applications for compliance with local codes and ordinances and is comprised of staff including the Building Official, Fire Marshal, Police Chief, Public Works Director, and City Engineer. You are encouraged to schedule a Pre-Application Meeting to confer with the DRC regarding general development procedures, timing, and application requirements; and to ask questions specific to your proposal. There is no fee required to schedule a Pre-Application Meeting with the DRC but they are by appointment only. To schedule, call 817-617-3708.
Submittal and DRC Review 
For a review to begin, the applicant must submit a complete application, all related fees, and five (5) copies of initial plans. Staff will compile the comments and mark-ups from various DRC members, provide these to the applicant, and notify the applicant if re-submittal is necessary. If re-submittal is necessary, the applicant may wish to schedule another DRC meeting to discuss the comments. Once staff is satisfied that the application and plans comply with all applicable regulations, the project will either be approved administratively or — if required — scheduled for hearings before and consideration by the Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commission and/or the Town Council. Please note that the P&Z is a recommending board. Any final decision will be made by Council.
Public Hearings
If public hearings are required, staff prepares and mails written notices to all property owners within two hundred feet (200') of the related property and publishes a notice in the Town's official newspaper of record. Additionally, staff will place at least one sign on the property. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the sign remains on the property until final action by the Council. Staff will promptly remove the sign after the final action by Council or upon withdrawal of the application by the applicant.