Certificate of Occupancy

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Certificate of Occupancy Process

A certificate of occupancy is required to occupy any building or lease space within the Town of Pantego.  A new certificate is required when opening a new business, upon change of business name or ownership for an existing business, or upon relocation or expansion of an existing business.  The total certificate of occupancy approval process will typically take about ten (10) days from application to opening of business.  The typical process is as follows:

  1. Application is made at Town Hall or on our MyGov Permit Portal, located at 1614 South Bowen Road.
  2. The Community Development Director will review the application to ensure that all information is complete, and that the zoning district is appropriate for the type of business.  NOTE:  A certificate will not be issued if a tax id is not provided.
  3. If the application is approved, and no construction is to be done, the applicant will be called and a building inspection appointment will be set.
  4. If construction will take place before the business is to open, then the certificate of occupancy inspection will be done along with the final building inspection.
  5. When the building inspection takes place, the inspector will be checking to ensure that all electrical, plumbing and mechanical equipment is in safe condition, as well as the means of egress requirements are met.
  6. Upon approval from the building inspector, the utilities will be released for the business. 
  7. The applicant may then move in to the space and prepare to open for business.  The space must be ready for business opening before the fire inspection.
  8.  Your application is then handed over to the fire department for the fire inspection.
  9. When given confirmation from the fire department of inspection approval, the applicant may open for business.
  10. The physical certificate will be delivered upon fire inspection approval.

These steps are for the average certificate of occupancy application.  Different circumstances may change the requirements and time frames. We will not accept an incomplete application.

Please print and complete the Certificate of Occupancy Application and provide it to Town Hall staff.  The application can be submitted via MyGov, emailed to info@townofpantego.com, faxed to 817-617-3726, or brought to 1614 S. Bowen Road Pantego, TX 76013.  The fee is $100.00, which can be paid at the time the application is dropped off but must be paid before the fire inspection. We do not accept payment over the phone.  You can pay by cash, check, or credit.  If paying by credit card there is a surcharge fee.