Saving Pets

When an animal is dropped off at the Ft. Worth facility, they are assigned an animal ID number and the rightful owner has three days to claim their animal.  That number will be needed to either claim the pet as yours, or adopt the pet from the shelter.  If the pet is yours, the shelter fees will need to be paid to the town at Town Hall before picking up your pet.  The receipt will need to be presented to the shelter to get your animal back.  If the three day impoundment period has lapsed and the pet has not been claimed, dependent upon facility space limitations, animals may be put up for open adoption or euthanized. Therefore, if you are an animal owner, it is imperative that you claim your animal as soon as possible.

Please view our page for cats and dogs that have been picked up and need to be claimed, or are available for adoption and looking for a good home.

Female Boxer mix found in Park. At the moment she is in the possession of Public Works

If you are in need of a better copy of the Kennel Card Intake Report, please reference the Animal ID number and contact Town Hall and we can provide you with a better copy.  Act now and visit VCA Animal Hospital website and sign up to get a coupon for a free initial pet health exam (for new clients only) upon completion of their on-line form.  Low cost sterilization and vaccination services are available the second Friday of each month at Arlington Animal Services located at 1000 S.E. Green Oaks Blvd.  For more information or to schedule an appointment call 866-310-7387.

Fort Worth Animal Services
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Lost and Found

If you have found a pet and do not want animal control to take it to Fort Worth (or are looking for a pet), please provide us with a picture so we can post it on the website in an attempt to assist in finding your pet, or it's owners.  Thank you!